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Transhumantology is about scientifically protecting humans and promoting humanity and kindness, now in a raising influence and threats of artificial intelligence and automation technologies in the workplaces, in near future where such A.I. devices could compete with us the right to exist and to be free from new technological slavery. Such Transhumantology objectives are envisaged to secure the human citizens of the future with Justice: social, economic and political; Liberty of thought: expression, faith and worship; Equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote an altruistic-fraternal civilization that assure the dignity of the individual, collectives, communities, and the new society as a whole.


 The philosophical basis of Transhumantology is primary human values, social values, and ethical-social moral values. In our stance, something ethical is associated with virtue "based on the notion of a virtue". Virtue is a trait of character. It is a disposition, well entrenched in its possessor to react in specific ways with a particular complex mindset, for us manly virtues such as social honesty, self-courage, integrity, social fairness, individual self-control, and rational prudence.


Transhumantology Party

Transhumantology is an initiative for a Better World, hence

Transhumantology Party will the first stage in such project-idea.

We are looking for support, lovers of our humanity, supporters of a better life with dignity.

By buying our book you are supporting our survival before greed, robots, and other intelligent technologies that start threatening our human existence.

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