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Transhumantology a formula for a Better World

Transhumantology is a science that “Our Transhumantology is based on objective values socially created, like the human knowledge: "they exist and are determined by the nature of reality, to be discovered by one's mind, and are not created by the thoughts one has".

We Transhumantologists shared Rand Objectivism as "a philosophy for living on earth"…based on reality and intended as a method of defining human nature and the nature of the world in which we live".

Transhumantology is about scientifically protecting humans and promoting humanity and kindness, now in a raising influence and threats of artificial intelligence and automation technologies in the workplaces. In near future where such A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) devices could compete with us the right to exist. Such Transhumantology objectives are envisaged to secure the human citizens of the future with Justice: social, economic and political; Liberty of thought: expression, faith and worship; Equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote an altruistic-fraternal civilization that assure the dignity of the individual, collectives, communities, and the new society as a whole.

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